Tripwire accidents



Tripwire accidents are those where the device was probably initiated by pulling the tripwire. This is rather rare. It is not always possible to know because the fragmentation mine attached tends to cause severe or fatal injury (so leaving no witness), and because most fragmentation mine accidents occur with mines that have tilt or pressure fuzes as well as tripwires. The mine may be initiated by stepping on it, kicking it, or striking it with a vegetation cutting tool. A buried tripwire may also be pulled using an excavation tool.

Accidents do not always happen during a single activity. For example, a missed-mine may be located while cutting vegetation, or a tripwire accident may occur during a survey. All accidents with common features can be located by making a complex search using the database software. Unfortunately, it is only possible at this time to put the data on line - not the database software itself.

Here are the Tripwire accident records in the current release. Records marked with an * are larger .


DDAS accident number














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