Common 'Notes' in DDAS records


When appropriate, the following features have been recorded under 'Notes' for each accident/incident.

disciplinary action against victim (?)
dog missed mine (?)
handtool may have increased injury (?)
inadequate area marking (?)

inadequate communications (?)
inadequate detector pinpointing (?)
inadequate equipment (?)
inadequate investigation (?)
inadequate medical provision (?)
inadequate metal-detector (?)
inadequate training (?)
inappropriate vegetation cutting tool (?)
incomplete detonation (?)
inconsistent statements (?)
long handtool may have reduced injury (?)
mechanical detonation (?)
mechanical follow-up (?)
metal-detector not used (?)
mine/device found in cleared area (?)
no independent investigation available (?)
non-injurious incident (?)
pressure to work quickly (?)
protective equipment not worn (?)
request for better PPE (?)
request for clearance with HE charge (?)
request for machine to assist (?)
safety distances ignored (?)
squatting/kneeling to excavate (?)
standing to excavate (?)
use of pick (?)
use of rake (?)
use of shovel (?)
vegetation clearance problem (?)
victim ill (?)
victim squatting and stepped on mine (?)
victim possibly working prone (?)
visor not worn or worn raised (?)

As you can see, some of the above may have been 'causes'. Before reaching definitive or pejorative conclusions about any demining accident/incident, you should study the entire dataset.

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