Submitting accident reports



Please send any accident reports, no matter what format or how incomplete, to me by email.

Register with the DDAS - and pledge to make your organisation's accident reports available - to get an independent Certificate of H&S compliance.

To comply with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), all accidents should be investigated by the demining group (and by any National Mine Action Authority) to be included in the accident record.

Reports should be compiled and submitted whenever there is an unintended detonation or an intended detonation that causes injury at a demining worksite. Non-injurious accidents are very informative, and can indicate that appropriate procedures, tools and PPE were used, so the details of non-injurious accidents can be especially important to share with others. (See the accident record for Jordan for examples of this.)

I am the longest serving member of the IMAS Review Board (now "retired") and the originator of the DDAS, so some demining NGOs and national authorities make their accident reports available directly to me for inclusion in the DDAS. To do this, email them to me. Include all support documents and pictures when you can. If you want to be acknowledged as a source, please say so. Sources are not disclosed unless they express a wish for their names to be included.

All names of people and demining groups are removed before the accident report is made available to others on this website.

Please send any reports you can - in whatever format they are, even if not in English. Recent or old, all accident reports may help to prevent future injury.

To see a default reporting format that can be used when writing an accident report, click here. This opens a *.PDF file in Adobe Reader.

To download the same default reporting format as a Word document file that can be used to write an accident report, click here.