BLU 61 A/B submunition


BLU-61A/B HE fragmentation/Incendiary

picture of Blu 61

This is an aerial dispensed, spin-armed, impact-initiated, high explosive incendiary, anti-material, fragmentation bomb. It is detonated by an M219E1, all-ways acting (omni-directional) fuze. The bomb is painted olive drab without markings. Each hemisphere is made from a coined steel fragmentation liner, and an incendiary liner of zirconium-tin. The hemispheres are encased in a urethane plastic shell. The clamp ring is stainless steel.

Diameter 99mm
277g TNT/HMX
Total weight 1 kg

It can be fired in various containers and, as with many other cluster bombs, some hit the ground before opening.

cluster bomb opened on hillside

Because the munition is "spin-armed", those that have not fallen freely through the air will not have armed.