Certificate of H&S compliance




Register with the DDAS - and pledge to make your organisation's accident reports available - and your organisation can get a Certificate of H&S compliance.

Accidents happen - and there is a correct way to respond. When an organisation chooses to conceal its accidents, it both fails to meet the requirements of the IMAS and does a disservice to the entire HMA industry. Generally, the more work an organisation does, the more likely it is to suffer accidents so the fact of having had accidents is no indicator of H&S failings. However, failure to respond to accidents appropriately can be a significant indicator of H&S failings.

Any HMA organisation that pledges to make all of its accident reports available for inclusion in the DDAS can ask for a Certificate of H&S compliance. Write to avs(at)nolandmines.com for full details.

This service is being offered in response to requests from HMA organisations who need evidence of their compliance with the spirit of the IMAS to show Clients and Donors that they respond appropriately to accidents. An appropriate response involves investigating the accident, drawing conclusions (and acting on them), and sharing their reports with others in the industry.

Generally, showing the certificate should satisfy the Client or Donor. The DDAS registered organisation can also ask for the Client or Donor to be supplied with an independent summary of their organisation's past accident record.

Donors or Clients may ask for a summarised report of any organisation's past accident record, but when the organisation has registered with the DDAS and pledged to make all accident records available for inclusion of the DDAS, that organisation must approve the request before any summary report is compiled and delivered.

Submitting accident reports.



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