Accident records since 2011 (incomplete)


The following links take you to a few of the accident records I have gathered since 2011. In 2011, UNMAS instructed Mine Action Centres not to send data for inclusion in the DDAS, telling them to use the GICHD RAPID database instead. I stopped gathering accident data at that time, but I still add records when asked because RAPID is a tick-box summary that does not include useful detail and some professionals want the details made available. GICHD has taken the data in this database and reduced each entry to a RAPID tick-box spreadsheet summary of a few words. They do the same with any new entries I make, and this makes me reluctant to add all the records I receive to the on-line record. It is understandably frustrating to see a useful record reduced to a featureless statistic. But all detailed records I receive are added to the searchable DDAS software that I use to freely answer questions.

This page will be occasionally updated because l add any record that I am asked to make widely available. If you know more about these accidents, or know of other accidents that should be recorded in detail and shared, please contact me with details. Accident records that are dated are still valuable - I have added many other records to earlier years during this update - so if you have old records, please send them to me.


October 2014, Tajikistan,
Excavation accident


March 2013, Mozambique,
Missed mine accident


Jume 2015, Tajikistan,
Excavation accident

July 2015 , Tajikistan,
Excavation accident


November 2013, USA,
Handling accident

May, 2014, Tajikistan,


May 2016, Iraq,
Handling accident
Jan 2017, Myanmar,
Excavation accident

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